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Artists Union 2011.
"Chain Letter" Group Show at Shoshana Wayne Gallery 



       "Artists Union" wristband for "Chain Letter" Group Show 2011.

"Artists Union" has emerged as a direct response to the intention and nature of the group show "Chain Letter" at Shoshana Wayne Gallery 2011.

Curated by Doug Harvey and Christian Cummings, the concept of the show was based on peer admiration, inclusion and connectivity. Invitations to participate in the show were distributed in a chain letter fashion with number of the participants growing exponentially for 30 days. The result was a group show that included over 1600 artists, which quickly filled the main gallery space and soon two overflow galleries near-by, demonstrating the disparate ratio of artists to available gallery space.

We were aware that the exhibition will be a massive collaborative piece and in creating "Artists Union for Chain Letter" our response was to participate by providing what was the most limited and making it limitless, Space to exhibit Art. Through "Artists Union" we were able to showcase an additional 200 artists and rotate a show composed of digital images of their work, while occupying only one cubic meter of space with our relief booth.

We still continue to admire our peer artists, include them in our Union and are connected with them at present.